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The order was received from the “Federal Selection-Genetic Centre for Fish» (Leningrad region), subordinated to the Federal Agency for Fishery. This division is engaged in breeding and maintenance of species, the protection of the gene pool of fish and the production of high quality planting material for commercial farming.

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The fish carrier is mounted on a KAMAZ-65115 chassis of the Russian based company JSC “KAMAZ” in accord with the Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation #84 dated 31.01.2015.

The platform has 4 insulated compartments of the European production ADAPT-240. The cameras are made of impact-resistant fiberglass and are equipped with oxygen aeration framework together with water flow meters for accurate adjustment of the oxygen supply to the oxygen frame. The binding of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems is made of stainless steel with the use of imported components.

The vehicle may safely transport up to 4 species of fish simultaneously totaling 9000L at distances exceeding 1000km.

We are most hopeful that our vehicles will serve for years and this fish carrier will be the first in a series of orders from the “Federal Selection-Genetic Centre for Fish»