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Automechanical Plant LLC

Company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 1998. Its business is the manufacturing of vans and motor vans. The first motor van was produce in early 1999.

The first production site of the company was located in Nizhny Novgorod. The entire production area was constructed later on the territory of Kudma Industrial Park. In the beginning the factory had only several workshops flooded with water and without heating that obviously required a capital repair.

Today the production area of AMZ is a well-developed territory with square totaling 2.6 ha that includes: mechanical shop, sandwich panel shop, van installation area, chassis extension area, tail lift installation area, well car production area, refrigerator equipment area and central storehouse.

Last year we built a new assembly shop with total square of 1,400 sq. m. The assembly shop allowed to increase the output and extend our production, including the improvement of production logistics and achieve better compliance with product sheets.

Now Automechanical Plant LLC can be described as modern, well-oiled mechanism that allows to monitor the process of production at every phase and timely react to any events in all company departments. AMZ implemented the quality assurance system compliant with ISO 9001:2000. We perform the acceptance control of all materials used and technological control at every phase of production. Our QA is also combatant. It helps to decrease significantly the fault output and increase the quality of our products.

The Department of Technology is responsible for the selection of materials, equipment, fixtures and tools. It also participates in the design of prototype models.

Our factory includes a Design Office, equipped with the cutting-edge software and computer equipment. It allows to deal with orders of any complexity on the market. All designs are made in 3D, which allows to produce high-quality structural and technical documents. The work of the Department of Technology and Design Office is in tight connection.

Our business grows and thus the requirements for the equipment also increase. Instead of the obsolete equipment we purchase a new one, compliant with all requirements. As a result we can offer new technologies and new materials. Automechanical Plant LLC is a leader in van building.

For the production of vans we use panels of our own production manufactured using the so-called vacu-forming. When there was an issue to increase the output of their production we chose the modern technology of PU foam.

In early 2009 we successfully completed the erection and commissioning of PU filled sandwich panels production line. This innovation allowed to improve the quality of our refrigerator model range with low heat passage.

PU foam technology allows to increase the output of sandwich panels and, as a result, of the vans and improves their quality.

Our company participates in major Russian and international exhibitions of commercial motor transport. We are in a constant search of new business areas and new tasks. By dealing with them we reach new levels and multiply our market channels. All this allows us to be sure in the further vigorous development of our enterprise as a competent and effective market participant and to obtain trustworthy partners.

By choosing us as your supplier you choose a partner you can rely on.

  • Van and motor van repairs
  • Refitting of trucks, vans and motor vans
  • Extension of trucks, vans and motor vans
  • Structural adjustments of vans
  • Equipment installations and repair
  • Leasing