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Extension of trucks, vans and motor vans

Today the trucks of GAZelle family with extended base are particularly popular among the customers. They have many advantages over the others as they allow to carry more cargo. Automechanical Plant LLC Manufacturing Company offers the extension of the frame of trucks, vans and motor vans of any brands in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. The extension of vans and motor vans is one of the main activities of our factory.

Extended GAZ 3302 and 33023 trucks are designed to carry lightweight bulky cargo.

In comparison with the original car the wheelbase of the extended car is increased by 600 mm, the rear part (overhang) is lengthened by 460 mm. Such length allows to install platforms and vans bigger than standard by 1200 mm on the chassis. Such extension of Fermer (GAZ–33023) allows the installation of regular GAZelle platforms.

 Automechanical Plant LLC produces and installs vans and extended platforms for different purposes.

In order to extend the truck, the chassis frames are cut and then joint by channel beams (extensions connected to the frame by means of durable riveted connection). The rear part (overhang) of the chassis is extended similarly.

The extension of GAZelle frame ensures adequate durability and long service life of the truck.

Existing cardan joint is replaced by a new lengthened joint. The wiring of the rear lights and hydraulic fluid hoses are also lengthened. New manual brake cable is installed.