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Sandwich panels sales and production

Полуприцепы продажа Полуприцепы продажа Полуприцепы продажа

Automechanical Plant LLC Company produces and sells sandwich panels for motor-vans.

Polyurethane foam today is the most effective insulant in the world.  Polyurethane foam is technologically advanced, quality and unrivaled by its characteristics thermal insulation material. In the countries of Western Europe and the USA polyurethane foam have been used for nearly 50 years. In Russia the production of polyurethane foam is increasing year after year. Polyurethane foam is the leader in thermal resistance among other insulating materials. Thermal passage rate of polyurethane foam is 0.025 W/min×degree. Humidity does not affect its qualities which is not the case with other insulating materials. Water absorption of polyurethane foam at 90 percent humidity per 24 hours is 0.04% or 2 g/sq. m. Sandwich panels based on polyurethane foam are produced high pressure dispensing machines. The constitution of polyurethane foam occurs by the reaction of two liquid components — polyol and polyisocyanate, which results in the formation or CO2-filled microcapsules (thermal conductivity is 1.6 times lower than of those with air), where 90% of polyurethane cells are closed. In case when antipyrens are included into polyurethane formula, it becomes a non-inflammable material. Polyurethane does not sustain combustion. Physical parameters of polyurethane foam are stable within a temperature range from –180 ˚C to –150˚C. Polyurethane foam is not toxic. Polyurethane foam is biologically neutral, resistant to germs, mold and decay. There are no chemical reason for decomposition of quality made polyurethane foam. Without mechanical damages polyurethane foam will serve not less than 25–30 years.

Insulant Polyurethane foam Extruded polystyrol foam Polystyrol foam
Thermal Conductivity W/min×degree 0,025 0,032 0,035
Thickness, mm 100 128 140

Sandwich panel van production using polyurethane foam performed by Automechanical Plant LLC based in Nizhny Novgorod has multiple advantages in comparison with other types of vans. Frameless assembly technology, usage of light and durable materials allows to decrease the curb weight of the truck without sacrificing the durability of the van. They have good thermal qualities and appearance. Refrigerator vans are produces by connecting sandwich panels with inner and outer framing elements. This technology ensures airtight joints of sandwich panels without heat bridges.

There are some indicators of a country’s development in the world. North America consumes 5 kg of polyurethanes per person, Asia — 0.6 kg, Japan — 4 kg, Europe with Middle East and Africa consume 1.8 kg, only Europe — approx. 4 kg on average, whereas in Russia — slightly less than 1 kg. Comments here would be superfluous, but the boundless potential of polyurethane usage in Russian van building is doubtless.

Any thermal insulation material is 80–90% consists of air, that is why it is much reasonable and profitable to produce the insulants at the production site than to pay for the transportation of the ‘air’ by rail or by truck from a different city.

OOO Automechanical Plant LLC is a leader of van building. Thus, when the issue of the increase in the sandwich panel vans at the site turned up, the choice was made in favor of the modern polyurethane foam filling technology.

We had to choose the dispensing machine. Everything was important: its output capacity, equipment, head type, configuration and dimensions. Post-sale service is also crucial, as well as its maintenance, installation and startup. Cannon Eurasia Company met all these requirements.

At the same time we were selecting the supplier of the press for PU foam sandwich production. Requirements were as follows: the length of the table should be 14200 mm and the width 3500 mm. Press height should be no more than 3000 mm. These dimensions were determined by the size of the panels for semitrailers. The table also should have warming as required by technology.

The selection of the materials for production was also an important step. For our conditions of production we chose the composition of world-famous Dow Chemical Company. And so we are done with the installation, startup and tuning. The first sandwich panels with polyurethane foam insulation were produced at our factory.

PU filling technology allows to increase the output of sandwich panels and, as a result, the output of vans made of sandwich panels; it allows to optimize manual labor and increase the quality of sandwich panels. The filling is performed using foreign-produced high-pressure equipment with high output capacity. This equipment allows to perform the mixing and filling of the components (polyol and isocyanate) on the high level of automation.

PU foam sandwich panel production is not limited only to automotive application or sandwich panel vans production. Such panels can be perfectly used for residential building, including temporary residence facilities, makeshift barracks of different kinds, mobile accommodation modules, country cabins, camping module houses and motorhomes (caravans).

We offer to buy our sandwich panels for vans in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. We have the best price for all types!