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Reconfiguration of any trucks to vans, trailers, motor vans and semitrailers.

 Automechanical Plant Manufacturing Company based in Nizhny Novgorod offers the reconfiguration of any trucks to motor vans. The reconfiguration of trucks to motor vans is conducted at the highest level, using modern equipment and in accord with European standards. Automechanical Plant’s experienced team will help you to deal with any difficulties wishlist reconfiguring your truck.



  • The truck must be registered with STSI prior to the reconfiguration to a motor-van.
  • Application for the reconfiguration of a truck to a motor-van bearing the name of the factory is required (can be obtained at STSI).

Reconfiguration of a drilling vehicle::



Work done:

  1. Relocation of fuel and hydraulic tanks.
  2. Installation of hanged steel sides.
  3. Production and installation of a van with a side door and a window for the transportation of geodesic samples.

You can order the reconfiguration of vans (motor-vans), GAZelle, ZIL, KAMAZ trucks; as well as the reconfiguration of cargo motor trailers and semitrailers in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.