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The staff of our company is an effective and high-qualified team with many creative people among them. Very often we receive improvement suggestions many of which are fulfilled for the improvement of our procedures, increasing output and the optimization of costs. Our working team has many seasoned specialists passing their knowledge to the younger generation and newly hired employees and offering an example of responsible approach to their tasks. The training process at the factory is continuous. Staff training is held along several directions according to the person’s position:

  • Directors and top managers training program.
  • Career development for design office specialists and accountants.
  • Career development, versatility training and performance appraisals.

kursy-pkFor many of our employees training becomes one of the stimulating factors, an indispensable attribute of career advancement and a crucial element of corporative culture.

We are together not only at work, but at our personal development. The work is also a place for creative expression. Our tradition of preparing interesting performances for corporative festive events already has its history. There anyone can show off his or her talent and to see his fellows in an unexpected role.

Our tight-knit team does not limit itself only to our factory. Many of our employees’ families make friends with each other. We also take part in the cultural life of our city. Corporative visits to the theatres and circus are regular. Especially we like outdoor leisure: horseback riding, fishing at picturesque spots. Company management does everything to help in the organization of such events. And takes part in them as well!

And something should be mentioned in particular. Almost everyone’s passion for football in such a unanimous team quite naturally led to the creation of a football team and holding football matches. Such meetings build up our team spirit and inspire the feeling of mutual trust and support. It seriously helps with our business and improves the overall atmosphere in our team.

Automechanical Plant LLC also acts as a sponsor and participates in daily training of a football team consisting of boys born in 1996 and 1997. This team exists for more than 6 years.

We never stop and constantly develop. Top management together with the entire team is always searching for new directions of activities for our plant.

Socially oriented human resources policy and agreeable working conditions make Automechanical Plant LLC one of the most attractive employers in this industry.

The products of the plant are ecologically friendly.

All vans are accompanied with a set of documents for the registration wit the STSI.

If you are interested in our products – just call a toll-free number 8-800-700-269-0 or leave your application.