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Our Services

Automechanical Plant LLC produces vans, motor vans, trailers, semitrailers, mobile shops and many other equipment. Also our company can provide maintenance and any capital repair of motor vans of different kinds, semitrailers, trailers and refrigerator vans based on Russian and foreign-produces chassis.

All works are performed by qualified specialists in timely manner and according to the customer’s needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Repair of frame-type vans
  • Repair of sandwich panel vans
  • Repair of refrigerator vans
  • Restoration of vans after accidents
  • Replacement of van sandwich panels
  • Additional equipment of vans and semitrailers

The final order is compiled after the examination and assessment by our specialist. It indicates the types of repair jobs to be done, their price and terms. When repaired, the van can be painted, entirely or partially, as decided by the Customer.

If necessary — we can manufacture a new van.

All works are subject to warranty periods:

repair — 6 months;

new van — 12 months.

(Warranty under keeping of service rules)