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Automechanical Plant LLC being in the market for more than 18 years is famous for its tailor-made and complicated products. This time we have undertaken an order that we may rightly be proud of. First in Russia our company has dared to take up quite an interesting project: an expanding trailer that is to be used as a mobile cinema house. Previously such specialty vehicles used to be imported from abroad, and for sure quite rarely due to the high price, now for the unprecedented raise of the exchange rate these prices have doubled!
Automechanical plant LLC is constantly developing enlarging its assortment. One of our latest development - a crane-boring machine of our own production - has been recently worked out and implemented upon request of the Authorities of one of the Northern cities of the Island of Sakhalin.
At the end of 2015 our factory was chosen as the leading coach builder of Mercedes Benz RUS in terms of transformation of Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Mercedes Benz Sprinter Classic into passenger and insulated vans.
For the last few years Automechanical Plant LLC was successfully collaborating with WIELTON company in terms of bodybuilding on the enterprise trailer chassis. At the beginning of 2016 we confirmed our partnership having widened the field of our collaborative activities.
On November 19th Automechanical Plant LLC fulfilled the order of the R&D production facility “ALMAZ” for the production of a multipurpose wrecker. The enterprise is a global market leader in defense weapons and is engaged in the developing of anti-missile systems and air defense systems.
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