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Automechanical Plant LLC has recently carried out the installation and sale of a compact town truck-mounted aerial work platform AMZ IS7G5 on request of the Russian Federal Security Service to be exploited in Sochi.

For a convenient use in the conditions of narrow town streets the aerial work platform has been mounted on a light duty (category B) GAZelle NEXT.

The aerial work platform in consideration, model AMZ IS7G5, may lift people on 22-m height and be mounted on light-duty vehicles as well as medium duty trucks.

  • Maximum outreach – 11,3m
  • Maximum people to be lifted – 2
  • Maximum lifting capacity (people and tools) – 250 kg.

To lighten the metal structure there have been installed folding outriggers. Thus, we have a compact in-city vehicle (the dimensions in transport position are 7200x2350x2800mm) that may work on a considerable height. If you are interested in such a high-performance light-duty truck we may always make it for you taking into consideration all possible additional technical requirements.