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Automechanical plant LLC is constantly developing enlarging its assortment. One of our latest development — a crane-boring machine of our own production — has been recently worked out and implemented upon request of the Authorities of one of the Northern cities of the Island of Sakhalin.

With the help of our crane-boring machine mounted on a KAMAZ-43502 chassis 4x4WD equipped with a steel side-board platform the power engineer specialists of Sakhalin Region will be able to build and serve in time power lines in the most hard-to-reach areas of the Northern part of the Island of Sakhalin.

The truck platform is steel with hinged side and rear boards and removable pillars. The dimensions of the platform are as follows: 4600 х 2550 х 600mm. The platform is equipped with a mechanical appliance for the transportation of 4 tangent towers 6 meters long each.

The special truck may be used as a crane with a 300 kg lifting capacity at 15,8 m outreach and up to 6100 kg at 2 m (minimum outreach). It may be also used as a boring machine that may drill apertures up to 8 meters deep.

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