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Automechanical Plant LLC being in the market for more than 18 years is famous for its tailor-made and complicated products. This time we have undertaken an order that we may rightly be proud of. First in Russia our company has dared to take up quite an interesting project: an expanding trailer that is to be used as a mobile cinema house. Previously such specialty vehicles used to be imported from abroad, and for sure quite rarely due to the high price, now for the unprecedented raise of the exchange rate these prices have doubled!

As the basis of the mobile cinema house we have taken a two-axle semitrailer chassis with a pneumatic transmission CHMZAP-93853. Our specialists have mounted an expanding (sliding) hydraulic driven subframe. The hydraulic drive is consisted of a stationary hydraulic unit with expanding cylinders. The upper structure itself is an insulated box of sandwich-panels 40 mm thick. The inside walls are covered with special sound-proof (sound-absorbing) acoustical boards. The transport dimensions of the semitrailer are 13900х2550х3980mm, thus they do not exceed the standard dimensions as set by technical regulations for road transport, therefore the semitrailer may be freely transported on the Russian roads. If taken in the working mode its width together with the sliding parts approaches 6 meters. Thus, due to the ability to transform its inner part space doubles in comparison with the standard van.

The most essential part of all is the movie theater itself for 67 seats. It is equipped with comfortable easy chairs with armrests. The chairs are arranged in 8 rows in pairs at the walls with 4-5 chairs in theтmiddle. There are two wide passages between the set of chairs. The floor of the cinema theater is inclined from the front part to the rear to improve visibility.

In transport mode the central seats are folded, raised up and get fixed over the side seats. There is also a 4×1,6 m screen in the cinema theater that is moved from the traverse onto the longitudinal position whilst travelling.

As regards the heating system there is a split-system (cold/warm temperature) in the front part of the body together with additional parking (independent) heaters Webasto 5,5 kW. It allows you to use the mobile cinema theater in cold season. For your safety there are provided a lighting and firefighting systems.

The van is equipped with 3 entrances: the main entrance, that for the disabled people and an emergency exit. All the entrances are equipped with lighting information boards and gangways. The gangways whilst transportation are taken into special boxes mounted on the semitrailer. In case of emergency all the three entrances get open. The projection booth is located in front of the body: it has all the necessary equipment, an electric communication unit and a lighting remote control. All appliances are powered by an external power source.

Not only the comfort whilst seated is of utmost importance in the cinema but also a high quality sound and video. Our product keeps up with the modern technologies: nevertheless the restricted dimensions the mobile cinema is equipped with the same appliances as a standard cinema house. An up-to-date digital projection camera with a passive 3D system, sound equipment Dolby together with a silvery screen immerse you completely in to the performance.

All this together taken makes this up-to-date 2 and 3D cinema theater that may be transported to any remote part of our enormous country.

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