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On November 19th Automechanical Plant LLC fulfilled the order of the R&D production facility “ALMAZfor the production of a multipurpose wrecker. The enterprise is a global market leader in defense weapons and is engaged in the developing of anti-missile systems and air defense systems.

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The versatility of this model consists in the ability to use it as a wrecker for transport evacuation as well as for cargo transportation.

The vehicles are loaded via a 4,1t/m hydraulic winch on the wrecker sliding platform with a 4,5 t load capacity.

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The ease of the cargo transportation is achieved by the use of easily removable pillars and side boards that may be quickly removed for comfort loading and taken back for transportation afterwards. The loading is carried out by an installed crane with 5t load capacity. The maximum outreach is 8m with a load capacity of 1,2t at the maximum outreach.