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This May the Automechanical Plant Company carried out an order of the branch company “KrasnoyarskEnergo” of the JSC “MRSK Siberia” of the supply of a sideboard truck on a KamAZ-43118 with a crane INMAN 240-04 equipped with a basket for lifting people. The special feature of this model is the ability to use a crane mounted on it as well as to exploit it as an aerial work platform for lifting people that reduces considerably the overall expenses on the maintenance of an automobile fleet. The vehicle is provided with all the obligatory safety systems and appliances allowing to use the crane as an aerial work platform and to lift people with working tools with a total lifting capacity up to 250kg at a height of 14m.

  • Maximum lifting capacity of the crane – 7000kg
  • Maximum outreach of the crane – 11,7m
  • Lifting capacity at the maximum outreach – 1630kg
  • Working height – 14,5m

Side Boards Dimensions: 6000x2500x600mm with the loading capacity exceeding 7 tons.


IMG_1754 IMG_1777 IMG_1764 IMG_1757KAMAZ-43118-Inman-diagrammaKAMAZ-43118-Inman-diagramma-s-ljulkoj