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  1. Loader Crane Technical Specification:
Load moment, t/m 18,50
Maximum outreach, m 18,80
Minimum outreach, m 4,90
Load capacity at 2,00m, kg 8000
Load capacity at 6,00m, kg 2700
Load capacity at 12,00m, kg 1300
Load capacity at 18,80m, kg 500
Max lifting height, m 20,80
Boom type/ telescopic sections Hex-shaped/ 6
Boom extension speed, m/sec 15,55 / 40
Boom angle 80°
Boom angle 17°
Slewing angle 360°
Slewing speed, rpm 2,5
Reduction gear type Worm gear
Front outriggers, control/width Hydraulic control / 5,00m
Rear outriggers, control/width Hydraulic control / 4,35m
  • There is a flashing beacon installed on the truck cabin with the help of a metal bracket connected to a regular power supply and equipped with a tumbler;
  • The outriggers are provided with retrospective self-adhesive film.

Диаграмма КМУ АМЗ СHG 5

  1. Auger Crane Technical Specification:
Max torque, kN*m 10,2
Hole diameter, m 0,36
Hole depth, m 4,50
Max hole depth, m 8,00

Диаграмма БКУ АМЗ СHG 5

  1. Aerial Platform Technical Specification
Lifting capacity, kg 250
Working height, m 24,5
Outreach, m 20,5
Basket dimensions, mm 1410х720х1100
  • An aluminium basket for 2 operators,
  • Automatic hydraulic levelling of the basket,
  • Electro-hydraulic control,
  • The special vehicle is provided with all obligatory safety devices for registration at the technical authorities (ROSTEHNADZOR) as an aerial work platform.

Диаграмма АГП АМЗ СHG 5

  1. Documents issued with the truck-mounted crane:
  • Vehicle passport – 1 it.,
  • Copy of the Certificate of Conformity – 1 it.,
  • Loader crane service manual – 1it,
  • Auger crane service manual – 1 it.,
  • Aerial platform service manual – 1 it.,
  • Technical passport for the truck mounted auger crane for technical authorities (ROSTEHNADZOR) – 1 it.
  1. Advantages of the AMZ СHG 5 multi-purpose crane unit:
  • A truck-mounted auger crane may be exploited in a wide temperature range starting from -40°С up to +40°С
  • A telescopic auger with a detachable reamer is designed for drilling soils of I-IV categories making hole up to 0,36 m in diameter with the hole depth approaching 4,6m in the extended mode.
  • By attaching a 3-m extender the hole depth increases up to 8 m.
  • The drilling device is placed on the main boom in transport position.
  • To optimize efficiency of an auger crane unit hydraulic systems of the loader and auger cranes have been subdivided.
  • The loader crane part of the multi-purposed unit lifts and moves cargoes up to 8 tons.
  • The slewing angle is 360° thanks to a worm gear type of the reduction thus making a continuous working radius.
  • The stability of the truck-mounted crane is ensured by the use of front and rear extended outriggers.
  • The working place of the operator is on the slewing turret, the control panels of the crane and drilling devices are also positioned on the turret, the access to the control panels is provided by folding stairs.
  • An aluminium high-resistance basket isolated up to 1000V.
  • For the sake of convenience there are two control panels on the platform: one in the basket and another on the turret.
  • Electrical wires as well as high pressure hydraulic tubes are laid inside metal boxes to protect the cables against mechanical damages during operation.
  • The special vehicle is equipped with a flashing beacon for lighting the working zone of the auger crane and a LED floodlight in the basket to work even in the night time.

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