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June the 3rd -7th 2014 there was held a 15th jubilee International Specialized Exhibition “Construction Equipment and Technologies/CTT 2014” at the IEC Crocus EXPO. This year there were more than a thousand companies from Russia and thirty four other countries from all over the world. For the majority of these companies the exhibition is considered as the key event of the industry.

Automechanical Plant LLC being a permanent participant of the exhibition presented its own exposition. The visitors’ attention was drawn not only to the new developments of the factory but also to an original design of the stand itself.

There were presented the following specialty vehicles at the stand:

  • A crane UNIC 370 mounted on a Mitsubishi FUSO FE85DJ. The use of a boom with a 7510 mm outreach permitted to manufacture a vehicle with a considerably large sideboard platform of 6200mm long that may be loaded in the conditions of a restricted space. Besides the performances of the vehicles were increased in terms of an ability to lower the hook 8700mm below the ground level.
  • Automobile aerial work platform AMZ37192Н on a chassis of high cross-road capacity GAZ-33081 «Sadko» with a mounted telescopic aerial work platform ISOLI PT200R of 20-m working height on it. The advantages of the machine include a proper weight distribution and a safe working platform with a load capacity of 250 kg made of structural steel. Reducing the curb weight by 300kg would allow to transport supplementary equipment. This is a real working tool for emergencies, as regards the rescue team it may be quickly transported to the crash site by the following exhibit presented at the stand:
  • A rotational bus (shift bus) on a cross-country chassis Iveco -AMT Eurocargo 423 900 4 x 4. The chassis used is equipped with a 280hp engine, spring suspension, a cab without a sleeping place that actually reduced the rear overhang up to 300 mm, which is a considerable advantage on northern rough roads where such chassis is mostly used. The passenger compartment for 22 seats is made of plastics sandwich panels in accord with a so-called frameless technology. Easy chairs are arranged in two rows with 4 at each row with a relatively wide central passage. Besides, the rear seats are shifted to the passage for a more comfortable arrangement of the passengers. There are also provided luggage shelves, two heating systems — an independent one and that working from the engine — and an air conditioning system. This vehicle combines a high cross-road capability of an off-road as well as the comfort of a motor-coach that is rarely achieved in such vehicles. The special appeal of this exhibit turned to be a pneumatic actuator door opening simultaneously with an extending ladder.

Each year the number of professionally interested visitors is constantly rising thus giving the Automechanical Plant Company a spur to exhibit newly-designed products.

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