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Automechanical Plant Ltd. has successfully passed the auditing process of Mercedes-BenzRUS company.

Automechanical Plant Ltd. has passed the audit carried out by Mercedes-BenzRUS company. Whilst auditing the representatives of the auditor valued the quality of the working procedures.
It should be underlined that during the last two years our production processes have undergone considerable changes for the best. The majority of recommendations given by DaimlerAG during the previous auditing have been brought into effect. Once again company “Automechanical Plant” has proved its reputation of a reliable partner to DaimlerAG. Currently our company has a valid quality certificate ISO 9001.
A critical approach to one’s responsibilities as well as an aspiration to develop continuously have permitted company “Automechanical Plant” to affirm its status of a leading enterprise in the market of van coachbuilding in Russia. Our company is in continuous development: at the moment we are working at the proceeding of mutual collaboration with company Mercedes-BenzRUS, already within the frames of a turnkey contract.

By now we have already stipulated several contracts with Mercedes-BenzRUS during which we have succeeded in proving ourselves to good advantage. Mercedes-BenzRUS has explicitly set its willing to collaborate with company “Automechaical Plant” Ltd. in future.