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Production and sale of tent constructions

Automechanical Plant Ltd. implements the production and sale of tent constructions virtually on all chassis available, it also carries out the re-equipment and repair of truck, trailer and van tents.

Tent construction is a carcass made of rectangular-section shaped tubes with canvas. The whole construction of the tent is simple thanks to the easily removable vertical intermediate pillars. Tent constructions are the most widely spread type of vans used.

There are two types of the tent construction:

Aluminium sideboards (400 mm, 600 mm).  The basis is made of steel profile processed with antirust cover. The intermediate pillars made of steel are removable, the locks are zinc-plated of the foreign production. The side sections of anodized aluminum are reclining, removable. The sideboards are also equipped with lifting hooks for safe fixing of the cargo.

Steel sideboard platforms (400 mm, 600 mm). The base of the platform is manufactured out of steel profiles treated with rust-resistant materials. Intermediate steel pillars are removable, the locks undergo the process of galvanization. Lateral sections are removable, you may easily recline them, the platforms are also equipped with lifting hooks for safe fixing of the cargo.

We may also manufacture sideboard platforms with lateral (side lifting of the cargo all through the  length of the platform) or upper loading: thanks to the sliding roof (sliding in the direction of the cabin) and removable pillars.

Тентовые конструкцииThe floor covering may be of the following types:

  • Transport plywood,
  • Painted matched board
  • Grooved steel

The subframe of the van undergoes a three-phase treatment:

  • Mechanical cleaning – ferrous metal bead-blasting
  • Chemical treatment – dust removal, degreasing;
  • At the final stage special painting layers are added at the surface – overhead ground VL-02, — and polyurethane enamel prime coat already in the painting and drying chamber.

You are most welcome to buy our tent constructions on the base of Gazelle vans or semitrailers at a reasonable price.

Curtain wagon with aluminium sideboard platform on the base of a KAMAZ-4308 vehicle.