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Cargo-and-passenger VANS

celnyjj-metall-gruzpass-300x225One of the new trends of development of the Automechanical Plant LLC is conversion and sale of all-metal vans into cargo-and-passenger vans.

A cargo-and-passenger all-metal van is designed for freight and passenger transportation. A possibility to manufacture the van with various types of partition walls between the passenger and cargo compartments allows us to meet the exact requirements of the client.


Partition modifications:celnyjj-metall-gruz-pass2-226x300

  • A standard partition wall fixes the volume of the passenger and cargo compartments thus is intended for transportation of a certain quantity of passengers and cargo without any transformation of the length of the cargo compartment.
  • A sliding partition wall permits to vary the sizes of the cargo and passenger compartments in accord with the immediate necessities.
  • A detachable partition allows to extend the volume of the freight compartment to the full.

The upholstery of the passenger compartment may be performed in various materials: starting from plastics up to leather or textile depending on the client’s requests. Besides, our clients may also choose the upholstery of the freight compartment to secure it from damage caused by the cargo transported: it may be either laminated fiberboards or aluminium composite panels, etc.

Fittings mounted in the freight compartment ensure a safe fastening of the cargo whilst transportation.


Air conditioning and heating systems installed in the passenger compartment guarantee utmost comfort to the driver and passengers whilst travelling.

Besides upon a client’s request we may perform either a luxury or, vice versa, an economic variant of the cargo-and-passenger van.

Our products are environment friendly.

All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.



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