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Company ISOLI has recently visited Automechanical Plant Ltd. to discuss plans of mutual cooperation.

October 9-10th 2012 there was held a regular meeting of the management of the companies, i.e. the president of the company ISOLI s.p.a., Mr. Giammarco Isoli and its commercial director Mr. Gabriele Valli, on the one hand, and the senior management of the Automechanical Plant ltd. on the other.
The main issue of the visit was to work out a plan of the development of mutual cooperation and to brand a new product in the Russian market.
During the visit there was conducted a sale seminar on the assets of the products for the Commercial Department staff of the Automechanical Plant company. Company ISOLI highlighted the state-of-the-art developments and brand new products that would be shortly after introduced into the Russian market.
The company Automechanical Plant ltd. proved its reputation of a reliable partner successfully performing the trial tests of the aerial platform ISOLI installed by its technical specialists on a FUSO.
We have already stipulated several sale contracts of the ISOLI aerial platforms and a new consignment of goods is in progress. The quality of the products is guaranteed by the “Certificate of Conformity”.
History: ISOLI S.P.A. was founded in 1946, right away after World War II. It started as a producer of various vehicles for the military sector. Then, in continuous evolution, the Company entered the civilian market. Nowadays Company ISOLI is a one of the leading manufacturers of aerial platforms with working height up to 60 m, loader cranes and breakdown trucks with load capacity up to 15 tons.