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Construction equipment and technologies — 2013. The results

June the 4th -8th 2013 there was held a 14th International Specialized Exhibition “Construction Equipment and Technologies/CTT 2013” at the IEC Crocus EXPO. It was the most large-scale and significant event in the construction industry.

Every year the number of the participants increases, thus this year for the first time it exceeded a thousand reaching a figure of 1038 companies. At the stands in Crocus Expo pavilions and in the open air there were presented special vehicles of the Russian and foreign production, all in all, from more than 30 countries.

Automechanical Plant LLC didn’t miss the event either presenting special vehicles at its own stand. This time there were demonstrated the latest elaborations in the sphere of hydraulics.

Exhibition displays:

Aerial Work Platform ISOLI PTJ 35.22 SL on the basis of a well-known KAMAZ-43118. Together with a four-wheel drive chassis and a telescopic boom with a jib in a fully extendable mode may lift people with instruments at a height of 35 meters. An extensible basket may increase its standard dimensions up to 65% adding convenience and safety when working at height. ±90° basket rotation gives the latter an exceptional maneuverability and improves performance that was noted by the visitors of the stand.

Loader crane Palfinger PK 24001-K on the basis of a VOLVO FM with 25t GWV and a 7-metre board platform. The feature advantages of the crane are its unique capacity at 4,1 — 12,4 meters and a lifting capacity of 5,80 t to 1,66t, respectively, as well as, a significant hook height. The loader crane is perfect for lifting heavy oversized cargo, pallets and other building materials, while two additional hydraulic functions at the boom end allow to install any hydraulic equipment for  holding and moving cargo of various types.

There were also presented aerial work platforms on the basis of city and off-road medium-tonnage vehicles.

Aerial work platform ISOLI PNT 230 on the basis of an ISUZU NMR85H – an agile city vehicle that will perfectly fit in terms of narrow city streets. A telescopic boom combined with a pantograph (four sections) may lift the basket to the height of 22 meters and provides excellent maneuverability and enhanced work area that is simply irreplaceable in urban areas with high buildings, columns and trees.

Aerial work platform ISOLI PT 19.9 on the basis of a 4-wheel drive GAZ-33081 «Sadko», engineered in accordance with the technical requirements of JSC “Interregional Energy Distribution Company of the Central and Volga Region”, “Nizhnovenergo” affiliated company, to serve the energy networks. The telescopic boom with a high-tensile fiber-glass plastic basket with a reliable electrical insulation up to 1000V, is able to lift people and instruments up to 18,2 m. This configuration has a few distinctive features, such as:

  • Additional led lights in the basket for works at height:
  • An additional instrumental box for bulky goods and an additional secure protection of the commands.

The special vehicles produced by the “Automechanical Plant” were also exhibited at partner stands:

  • A shift work bus on the basis of a 4-wheel drive IVECO АМТ,
  • Crane Fassi 215 with a 6,5 m board platform on a HINO chassis.

Every year the number of interested visitors increases, thus it becomes more challenging and, accordingly, fascinating to present newly-designed products to the sophisticated audience. Once again the Automechanical Plant company has impressed its visitors by the high-quality and up-to-date products exhibited.