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Промтоварные фургоны и автофургоны Промтоварные фургоны и автофургоны Промтоварные фургоны и автофургоны

General Purpose Vans and Motorvans are designed for the transportation of food commodities and industrial products that do not require maintaining certain temperature conditions.

Design Features:

  • The production of general purpose vans presupposes tube weldment for the base and frame that ensures high strength and durability of the end product.
  • The exterior paneling is made of clad metal (0,55-0,7mm zinc plated steel with a polymer coating) or laminated plywood.
  • The van body is usually trimmed with polymer coated zinc plated steel corners, their thickness ranges from 0,8 to 2,00 mm.
  • The van body is also equipped with two swing doors that open at 270 degrees and have open position clamps.
  • There is a lighting system predisposed inside the van.
  • The flooring is made of grooved boards or transportation plywood, it is protected by a zinc plated steel sheet against road corrosion.
  • There are also provided laminated plywood bumpers (9mm thick) along the perimeter of sideboard panels that guarantee wall protection against any damage whilst goods transportation.
  • The van is equipped with zinc plated fitting components that are not subject to corrosion.

To buy a high quality general purpose van at a competitive price means to carry out transportation services successfully for years without any breakdowns and subsequent problems.

  Промтоварные фургоны и автофургоны

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