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Framed box vans are made of rectangular tubes with two-layer solid vacuum glued panels as the side walls. The exterior is either clad metal or fiberglass plastics, the inner coating is waterproof plywood.

The framing of the van body is made of galvanized 2-mm thick corners with a polymer coating. The flooring is transportation plywood, a so-called 18-mm thick fine mesh.

The base of the van is a multi-layer vacuum glued structure on a subframe made of profiles and channel bars that undergoes a three-phase treatment:

Mechanical (sandblasting) treatment,

Chemical (dust and grease removal) treatment,

Application of paint layers (prime coating VL-02 and polyurethane prime enamel).

Framed box vans with glued paneling are robust and durable. Upon a client’s request we may introduce structural alterations.