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A wardrobe and Make-up Van on a Mersedes Sprinter chassis

Our specialists may carry out a conversion of any general-purpose van into a wardrobe-and-make-up van. In this case the van in consideration undergoes the following procedures.

First of all, the internal space of the van is subdivided by a frame into 3 sections/compartments:

  • A make-up compartment for 3 passengers provided with mirrors, individual lighting, a hair-washing sink and a sofa for actors awaiting their turn. We haven’t forgotten about the actors’ comfort: the compartment is insulated and it is equipped with an air conditioner and a parking heater.
  • A bathroom. Even with its relatively small dimensions the wardrobe-and-make-up van is equipped with a composting toilet Dometik,, a sink with a projecting watering can and a boiler. The flooring of the make-up van is implemented in two-component polymer mass. The material is waterproof. After sealing of all the seams the make-up bathroom can be used also as a shower cabin.
  • A utility service room. The mobile make-up van is equipped with all the compulsory service appliances such as a power supply control unit, a parking heater, a voltage transducer, supplementary batteries that ensure a continuous work of the electricity network (per 220V and 12V) and other boosters.

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The make-up van on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis is fully self-contained.

The van is also provided with INOX tank for pure and waste water mounted inside the floor platform. The water supply from the pure water tank is carried out an independent pump system. Besides along the perimeter of the ceiling in the main compartment there are special handrails mounted that may carry up to 200 suits.

Automechanical Plant LLC produces and sells such special vehicles as recovery trucks, trailers, wardrobe-and-make-up vans, etc. Our prices are most competitive.

Our products are environment friendly.

All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.