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Motor shop for the Printed Media

Automechanical Plant LLC offers a modern and comfortable mobile shop for the printed media.

With the development of supermarkets and megamalls network it has turned out to be rather difficult to achieve high levels of sale in the sphere of retail trade. Stores are rather common and to buy or rent a retail place is too expensive, thus a considerably successful alternative is to sell at mobile shops.

Mobile shops for the printed media on GAZEL or another chassis upon your request assembled using sandwich panels is an excellent modern van produced by the Automechanical Plant LLC. Shelves set at the inner walls in accord with the client’s requirements allow to arrange the goods in a convenient way making them together with an open shadow box easy to access by the customers. The inside of the van is provided with a comfortable working place, an internal lightening and an independent power supply.

Sale of the printed media may be carried out without any supplementary sources of electric power: the vehicle supply circuit or a portable gasoline/diesel generator may supply a cash register or the lighting system of the van.

Automechanical Plant LLC offers most competitive prices!