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Mobile workshops are «workshop on wheels» designed for emergency repairs in various economy sectors (such as water supply, sewerage, housing and communal services).

They are also used by road services and other fields of activities.

138Such a mobile workshop is designed for the transportation of various equipment, goods and fittings to the sites of emergency repair works. The construction and fitting of the mobile workshop depends on the purpose and type of emergency works to be carried out.

Standard kitting-up of a workshop on wheels is as follows:

  • Rectangular tube metal structure and all-metal subframe, 25-50mm polysterene foam as the insulation material.
  • Solid sandwich panels made by a so-called vacuum gluing frameless technology.

As the insulation material there may be utilized the following:

  • Extruded polystyrene foam,
  • High quality polystyrene foam,
  • Polyurethane foam (60kg/m density, it’s not subject to aging or rotting).

The thickness of the sandwich panels used may vary from 50 up to 100mm. The exterior coating is galvanized steel with a polymer coating or fiber glass plastics. The interior is implemented either in fiberboard or fiber glass plastics. The flooring is transportation plywood (fine mesh), UNFALL coating or grooved steel. 

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8The van body is provided with two single-wing doors with rod type locks that open 270 degrees. There is an additional side door with a recessed door lock so that the door might open from inside.

To let in the daylight the van is equipped with sliding sashes. Besides there is a lighting system inside the van. The van is also provided with sliding stairs.

Upon a client’s request there may be implemented structure modifications: the van may be equipped with workbenches, jaws, a gas station, brackets for gas cylinders (for Oxygen, acetylene, propane), lockers, seats, auxiliary heaters, Intercom system, a folding table, etc.

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