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Shift buses are designed for passenger transportation


Shift buses for passenger freight are a standard modification of repair trucks: thus they have a metal carcass body welded out of rectangular tubes. The body base is an all-metal platform. As insulation material cast-in polystyrene foam 25-50mm thick is used, it is made of solid sandwich panels manufactured in accord with a so-called frameless technology and vacuum gluing. Thanks to this technology the truck may be exploited in the North.


As insulation there may be applied the following materials:

  • High quality polystyrene foam,
  • Extruded polystyrene foam,
  • Polyurethane foam.


The thickness of the insulation layer of sandwich panels may vary from 50 to 100mm.

The exterior paneling may be of:

  • Clad metal (0,55-0,7-mm zinc-plaited steel sheet);
  • Plastics

The interior covering of the body may be implemented in ornate fiberboard or plastics.

The flooring of the shift buses for passenger transportation is wooden with a special covering, the so-called automobile linoleum. (autolin).

The truck body has a rear door and an additional single-wing side door that open 180 degrees. All the doors are provided with recessed locks allowing to unlock the door from the inside. To let in the daylight there are 5 predisposed windows with sliding slashes. We may install plastic double-glaze windows upon a customer’s request. The crew truck is also provided with lighting, ventipanes and ladders.

Upon a customer’s request we may modify the following:

  • Dimensions of the van (LxWxH);
  • Exterior paneling (laminated plywood);
  • Interior covering (plywood, ornate fiberboard, etc.);
  • Colour of the polymer coating (a wide colour range).

Shift buses may be equipped with:

  • 15-20 seats;
  • An independent heater,
  • A winch,
  • A spare wheel holder.

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