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Cargo-and- Passenger Trucks

A cargo-and-passenger truck with a side board platform for small freight transportation on KAMAZ 43114-1014-15:

  1. The van is made of sandwich panels with a 50-mm thick thermal insulation layer, the exterior paneling is of clad metal whilst the interior is a fiberglass plastics, the floor is covered with Anfol linoleum.
  2. The living compartment designed for 8 people transportation of 2000x2400x2200mm inner dimensions is equipped with semisoft seats with safety belts, an Intercom system, a folding table, two side windows, a side door with a stand sheet and a heater OB-65.
  3. The inner dimensions of the sideboard platform are 3300х2400х600mm, the boards are made of aluminium, the frame is manufactured of steel profiles and undergoes a rust-resistant treatment. As intermediate posts there are utilized zinc-plaited steel removable pillars, the platform is also provided with zinc-plaited locks of the European production. The side sections are made of anodized aluminium.
  1. The floor is made of transportation plywood, there are also lifting hooks for cargo fixing predisposed. The platform is also equipped with a spare wheel mounted on the inner front side of the latter.

The cargo-and-passenger truck is provided with outer lighting equipment in accord with applicable technical standards and requirements.

The vehicle may be produced with a van cargo compartment. This type of the van may be mounted on a Volkswagen, Ford, SOBOL or Maxus chassis.

We manufacture customized products at competitive prices in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation.

Our products are environment friendly.
All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.