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Horse carriers on an enlarged HD-78.

Automechanical Plant LLC has recently manufactured a customized horse carrier for the transportation of 4 horses with a living compartment on the enlarged HD-78 chassis for Shahovskaya Stud Farm.

Transportation of animals even at short distances always presupposes the retaining of special conditions, moreover there is ever a certain risk when it comes to bloodstock. These horses need special care and thorough treatment. In this regards there has been made a request to design a horse carrier of utmost comfort and robustness.

First of all we have equipped the truck body with night curtains and flyscreens so that the animals are protected against insects. Besides, the van windows may open whilst travelling and parking that ensures a natural ventilation of the van body. In the horse compartment there is an additional caging.

We have also installed supplementary aluminium boxes under the frame of the van body.

The van body is made of 5-layer solid sandwich panels with an additional reinforcement and panel coating. The sliding partitions mounted in the horse compartment are made of aluminium profiles of a certain shape. A wide ramp for horses has a special heavy duty revetment and is also equipped with an electric winch that simplifies the procedure of loading and unloading.

We hope that with the help of our horse carrier Shahovskaya Stud Farm will carry out the transportation of animals most safely.

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