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A Hunting Truck “Kung” is a special vehicle for those who prefer hunting and fishing activities.

Production and sale of cross-country vehicles is one of the directions of activities of Automechanical Plant LLC.

A Hunting van may be mounted on any cross-country chassis and is designed for a long-term autonomous residence of 4-10 people (depending on the chassis chosen).

A hunting truck of the Kung type is insulated and has a metal covering. It is made of sandwich panels assembled by a so-called frameless vacuum gluing technology. The van may be equipped with all necessary appliances.

The kitting-up of the Hunting Van:

  • Parking heater (independent heater),
  • Lighting system,
  • Sleeping berths for 4-6 passengers,
  • Folding dining table,
  • Luggage locker,
  • Kitchenette including a countertop, a gas stove, a sink with the cold and hot water supply, a cupboard and a car refrigerator,
  • Motor winch,
  • Supplementary lighting devices: a light-seeker,
  • Supply-and-exhaust ventilation;
  • Radio,
  • Gun holder for 18 guns,
  • Composting toilet, shower and wash-basin.

The van is also provided with a separate compartment for a gasoline booster, a roof emergency hatch and an isolated luggage space.

If you need a hunting truck you should for sure consider our Kung truck that is equipped with all the necessary appliances for you comfort hunting or fishing holidays.

Our products are environment friendly.

All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.