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Mobile Shop

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Manufacturing enterprise Automechanical Plant LLC produces and sells mobile shops (travelling stores) made of sandwich panels. Mobile shops are designed for itinerant trade of industrial goods and foodstuff.


A mobile shop is an insulated van made of sandwich panels assembled via the so-called vacuum gluing frameless technology. The facing of the van is made of clad metal. As the interior paneling we use zinc-plaited metal. A high quality polystyrene foam is utilized as heat insulator.

The panels are joined together with the help of metal profiles through rivets, sealant glue and self-tapping screws. The thermal insulation layer of the sandwich panels is 50mm. The panels are also provided with additional embedded elements in the ceiling, side and frontal part of them.


The van floor is made of several layers of waterproof plywood and heat insulation material. The floor covering is automobile linoleum. The van body is equipped with a single-wing door that opens 180. The mobile shop has a special glazing trade showcase with a flap on the right that serves as a marquee when the shop is open. There is also specially predisposed lighting equipment inside the van.


All structural parts and components of mobile shops of the Automechanical Plant production undergo sandblasting treatment before painting and further sale. The subframes of the mobile shop are covered with 2-layer coating of two-component polyurethane enamel. Painting and drying are conducted in the drying and painting chamber. All vans are provided with external lighting that meets all applicable standards and requirements.

Besides we have recently developed a new model in our range of mobile shops – a Refrigerator Mobileshop for Meat and Prefabricated Meat.

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Our products are environment friendly.
All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.