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Company Automechanical Plant LLC produces and sells mobile diagnostic centers.

Multisectional insulated van of the mobile medical and prophylactic center is made on the basis of a SZAP-93282 semitrailer chassis provided with an air suspension, an ABS brake system and 4 independently adjustable van rests for its further conversion into a mobile medical and prophylactic module (ambulance vehicle).

Dimensions of the van: length: 13600mm, width: 2600mm, height: 4000mm.

The van body is made of solid sandwich panels by means of vacuum gluing.

Fiberglass reinforced plastics of the white colour is utilized as the facing material as well as the interior trimming.

All the internal partitions, doors and shelves are also made of fiberglass reinforced sandwich panels. As the heat insulation material we use high quality extruded polystyrene foam of the European production (automobile polystyrene foam with low heat conductivity factor, in accord with the technological process we apply a 4-mm plywood layer under the internal and external plastic layers). The framing, the internal and the doors rim are made of anodized aluminium.

Mobile diagnostic centers are subdivided into 8 isolated compartments from the inside. All the compartments are provided with wing and sliding doors with a lock and an open position clamp. The aperture of all the doors is 800x2020mm.

All the doors are equipped with INOX fittings and interlocking devices. All the external doors are provided with door rubbers.

All the external and internal panel joints are leak-proof and heat insulated, the junctions in various planes are made by means of aluminium profiles and are also hermetically sealed.

The floor is made of a solid 85-mm thick sandwich panel. The floor covering is made of grey commercial linoleum laid solidly without joints.

There is a predisposed ladder at the main entrance made of aluminium profiles that is retracted into a special subframe locking box in transport position and an additional retractable ladder to the generator bay.

The mobile diagnostic centers are also equipped with folding double glazed plastic windows and external lighting in accord with applicable standards.

Company Automechanical Plant LLC offers mobile medical centers at competitive prices.