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Sandwich Panel Refrigerator Truck for Hanging Meat

Automechanical Plant LLC manufactures and sells refrigerator trucks for hanging meat.

In production of refrigerator vans/ trucks for hanging meat the maximum permissible load on the roof and walls of the wagon is compulsorily taken into consideration so that it corresponds with the weight of the cargo transported by the truck. The quantity of the rail guides depends on the size and weight of the transported goods. Hooks may carry up to 150kg each.

  1. LuxuryVersion

This type of refrigerator vans/trucks for hanging meat is made of sandwich panels by a so-called frameless technology, as the insulation material we use extruded polystyrene foam of the European production with the roof and walls thickness up to 80mm (upon a client’s request the insulation material may be changed for polyurethane foam PPU). The interior and exterior covering of the van is fiberglass plastics of the Italian production. As the internal and external framing of the van aluminium profiles are utilized, the door portal is made of INOX steel. Refrigerator vans for hanging meat are provided with rear double-wing doors with three-lobe rubber seals that ensure airtightness. In an open position the doors are fixed by special clamps against spontaneous closing. There are also used INOX fitting components Pastore & Lombardi of the rod type, the van is equipped with concealed interior lamps of the foreign production and roof rail runners for hanging of hooks and pipe stoppers.

  1. Budget Version

A frameless van of sandwich panels, the insulation material is polystyrene foam with 50-mm thick walls and the roof, upon request there may be used extruded polystyrene foam, the thickness of the floor is 105mm. The exterior covering is implemented in white clad metal. The interior covering is made of food galvanized steel. To protect the van/truck against aggressive atmospheric agents the subframe of the van is made of galvanized steel, the flooring is of grooved aluminium with 250-mm high flanging. Refrigerator vans for hanging meat are provided with rear double-wing doors with three-lobe rubber seals that ensure airtightness. There are also used galvanized fitting components of the rod type. The internal structure has INOX components such as: roof rail runners, hooks for hanging meat.

All structural parts and components undergo sandblasting treatment before painting. The subframe is covered with 2-layer coating of two-component polyurethane enamel. Painting and drying are conducted in the drying and painting chamber. All vans are provided with plastic mudguards, rubber bump stops, side protection bars, underrides,licence plate lightening, T-shape door lock strikers, interior lamps. The van is also equipped with external lighting that meets all applicable standards and requirements.

We offer a reliable refrigerator van/ truck at a competitive price.

Our products are environment friendly.

All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.