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Camper on a URAL 6×6 with an alcove

Automechanical Plant LLC presents its project camper on a URAl 6×6 with an alcove for 5 sleeper berths (2 double beds 1600x2000mm and a single bed 900x2000mm at the alcove). URAL residential unit (module) is provided with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay such as: a shower with a sink and a lavatory, a refrigerator unit Dometic 180l, a heater and a backup heating Webasto, a kitchen with a 2-burner gas stove, an air conditioning system, customized furniture made of fiberglass plastic laminated plywood. The module is also equipped with 4 all-sky cameras WAECO with monitor-translating in the cab, a camera intercom CABIN-Living compartment, 2 TV Clarion. A detailed specification may be presented upon a client’s request.

The body structure of the van is made of 5-layer sandwich panels 70mm thick, the external cover is a zinc-plated steel sheet with a polymer coating, The internal covering is European fiberglass plastics. The framing is made of a 2-mm zinc-plated metal sheet with a polymer coating, The alcove is in the front part of the van. The entrance side door is provided with a ladder with lowered steps, there is also a rear luggage compartment 6 c.m. in the living compartment. The floor is double, it has 2 podiums permitting to mount a heating and a water-supply system inside it. There is also a roof rack covered with grooved aluminium and a spare wheel holder on the back.

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All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.