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ISOLI SLIDE D sliding platform trials

On August 27th there were conducted trials of a recovery sliding platform ISOLI Slide D with a Palfinger PK 17500T crane mounted on a VOLVO FL chassis by the specialists of the Automechanical Plant LLC at the factory premises. The given recovery truck has several variants of loading and transportation of damaged cars depending on the place of exploitation and the state of the car recovered.

The transportation of the recovered car may be carried out on the upper platform of the breakdown truck as well as via hydraulic forks to which the front wheels of the damaged car are attached if the rear wheels may rotate clear. The sliding platform is equipped with quickly mounted dollies to be used in case of blockage of the rear wheels.

The car may be loaded onto the platform in two ways:

  • With the help of a winch and the sliding platform;
  • And via a specially mounted crane, the boom of which is equipped with a traverse with straps and wheel claws that load the damaged car onto the platform.

The second way is most helpful while recovering the damaged car in limited conditions of narrow city streets.

During the trials there was lifted a Mercedes GL onto the platform with the use of a winch.

The hydraulic forks mounted on the rear overhang were also tested. Toyota LC 200 and Mitsubishi FUSO Canter were lifted by the equipment.

The crane was tested by a minibus GAZel that was lifted onto the platform.

The trials were a success. The breakdown truck will be presented at the Volvo stand at COMTRANS 2013 Exhibition that will be held in Moscow on September 10-14th 2013 at the International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo.