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Automechanical Plant LLC carries out the production and sale of refrigerator vans and refrigerator bodies for truck chassis. A standard refrigerator body is made of sandwich panels and equipped with a refrigerator system, but there may be modifications. Company Automechanical Plant LLC may manufacture a customized refrigerator van.

What are the benefits of buying a refrigerator van? The price of it is quick to pay off thanks to a high quality of transportation of frozen and perishable products. Commercial vehicles of this type are remarkable for their high quality and a competitive price, they can quickly make up for the cost of their purchase.

You may buy our refrigerator van/ truck on beneficial terms: the final price depends on the refrigerator equipment chosen and on the type of the insulated van.

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A refrigerator body is made of solid sandwich panels hermetically sealed in-between by internal and external frame components. They provide a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, thus avoiding the loss of an acceptable temperature for the transport of products issued by the refrigerator system.

A refrigerator van/truck bought at the Automechanical Plant LLC may be insulated by the following insulation materials:

  • Extruded polystyrene foam,
  • High quality polystyrene foam,
  • Polyurethane foam (for now it has the lowest heat conductivity factor, it’s not subject to aging or rotting).

You may choose the exterior and interior coating of the van: it may be clad metal, fiberglass plastics or zinc-plated steel sheet. For the van framing we use aluminium, galvanized or stainless steel corners and transport plywood.

Flooring is a solid sandwich panel. As the top layer there may be applied transport plywood, galvanized steel, lentils type pattern aluminium sheet or two-component polymer coating.

The van is provided with a subframe that undergoes a three-phase treatment:

  • Mechanical (sandblasting) treatment,
  • Chemical (dust and grease removal) treatment,
  • Application of paint layers (prime coating VL-02 and polyurethane prime enamel).

The installation of a refrigerator system presupposes a high level of airtightness thus the rear double doors are provided with rubber seals and rod locks that ensure a safe locking whilst travelling. In an open position the doors are fixed firmly against any spontaneous closure.

All vans are equipped with galvanized rustproof fittings, inside the van there is a lighting system mounted.

Изготовление фургонов и автофургонов рефрижераторов Изотермические фургоны и автофургоны из сэндвич-панелей

Any refrigerator van or truck may be customized, thus there may be modified or optionally mounted the following:

  • Dimensions,
  • Additional doors,
  • Exterior coating,
  • Flooring,
  • INOX fittings of the European production,
  • Colour of the polymer coating,
  • Insulation thickness (from 25 up to 150mm).

We install refrigerator bodies on GAZEL (truck), KAMAZ, MAZ, Hyundai, Man, Mercedes, etc. The products are available in Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow.

Изготовление фургонов и автофургонов рефрижераторовИзготовление фургонов и автофургонов рефрижераторовVW_OK_004@1920VW_OK_003@1920VW_OK_008@1920

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