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Automechanical Plant LLC manufactures, sells and mounts insulated bodies and vans made of sandwich panels on various chassis.

Insulated vans are designed for transportation of foodstuff (including perishables) under a special isothermal temperature regime, thus the installation of a refrigerator or a freezing machinery is presupposed on favorable terms.

Insulated vans consist of solid sandwich panels manufactured in accord with a so-called frameless technology and vacuum gluing. The interior covering may be galvanized steel or fiberglass plastics. The panels are joined by metal profiles, pull rivets, self-cutting screws and sealant.

As insulation there may be used the following materials:

  • Extruded polystyrene foam,
  • High quality polystyrene foam,
  • Polyurethane foam (for now it has the lowest heat conductivity factor, it’s not subject to aging or rotting).

Thanks to their high quality insulated vans of polyurethane foam are in great demand in the market. Therefore the production and sale of PPU insulated vans are a key direction of activities of the company.

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One of the advantages of a sandwich-panel insulated body is its low heat conductivity factor. It permits to maintain a certain temperature regime for the transportation of perishables or frozen products provided there is an installed freezing or refrigerator equipment.   

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The flooring of the van is a solid sandwich panel reinforced by multilayer plywood cast-ins.

The top covering of the flooring may be:

  • Transport plywood (fine mesh pattern),
  • Galvanized steel,
  • lentils type pattern aluminium sheet,
  • special polymer coating (self-levelling floor).

There is also a lighting system inside the van.

As the body framing there may be utilized the following materials:

  • aluminium angle-bars,
  • INOX angle-bars,
  • Zinc-plated angle bars 0,8-2,00-mm thick with a polymer coating.

The van is provided with a subframe that undergoes a three-phase treatment:

  • Mechanical (sandblasting) treatment,
  • Chemical (dust and grease removal) treatment,
  • Application of paint layers (prime coating VL-02 and polyurethane prime enamel).

Insulated vans made of sandwich panels are provided with rear double-wing doors with three-lobe rubber seals that ensure airtightness. The doors are equipped with locking rods that guarantee a firm closure whilst travelling. In an open position the doors are fixed by special clamps against spontaneous closing. All vans are also equipped with rustproof zinc-plaited fittings and plastic arched mudguards.

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