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Automechanical Plant LLC Wishes You a Happy New Year 2011!

We move further together and work for you step by step, day by day, we overcome barriers and set new goals for ourselves.

We thank our clients for the successful and fruitful work performed last year.

Now when winter outside is so wonderful, and we all are in a pre-holiday fuss there is still so much to do, and how pleasant it can be to look back and realize that the year has not passed in vain! The year 2010 was a fruitful one and it has become an important stage in the history of our company. Thank you for having been with us all this time, for having forgiven our failures and having thanked us for our success, for having helped us to reach a better result and bring to life even the most challenging ideas. We are very glad we have you with us.

The year 2011 is greeting us with white ears of a fluffy rabbit, the year 2010 is leaving, wriggling its striped tiger tail.

The rabbit is a tricky beast, it seems white and fluffy, but in fact it’s sly and ready to run away any moment … We wish you to catch this beast by its white ears and make it drum a real triumphant march in your honor!

Did you accomplish a lot last year? We wish you a hundred times more victories and the profit for a million in 2011! In what currency? As you wish!

We wish you many happy sunny days, summer without smoke, winter as in a fairytale, and your personal Santa Claus with a big bag of presents!

Best wishes for the new 2011!

Automechanical Plant LLC team.