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Automechanical Plant LLC produces and sells mobile shop trailers (mobile catering trailers).

Mobile shop trailers (catering trailers) are in high and rather constant demand thus we may offer our clients a wide range of their modifications.

The sizes of the catering trailers are customized.

Dimensions and sizes
Length, mm 2000 — 3500
Width, mm 2000
Height, mm 2000
Technical Specification:
Licensed maximum weight, kg 2200 — 3500
Trailer laden weight, kg 300-3300
Load capacity, kg 400-1500
Independent suspension or spring conventional suspension

31111-170x150A catering trailer is made of sandwich panels through a so-called frameless pricep-magazin41-170x150vacuum gluing technology. Sandwich panels are joined with each other by metal profiles with the usage of sealants, D-ring rivets and self-tapping screws. There is also an insulated 50-mm layer and additional cast-in elements in the side and front panels as well as in the roof. PU-foam catering trailers are coated with fiber-glass plastics or clad-metal. Such a mobile shop is usually used as a bakery trailer or for the sale of other alimentary products.

The interior paneling is either fiberglass plastics or clad metal.

The floor of the mobile shop trailer is made of several layers of heat insulation material and plywood, the final finishing is implemented in linoleum.

The catering trailer is equipped with:

  • A single-wing door,
  • Stairs,
  • A glazed showcase with a flap, its upper part may be used as a marquee and the bottom part is used as a bag rest;
  • A seller desk (the entire length of the show window);
  • Ventilation.

A mobile shop trailer is also provided with the following supplementary equipment:pricep-magazin51-170x150

  • a wash basin with a water heater and a storage tank;
  • a locker for the seller,
  • an electrical switchboard;
  • Power supply 220V (lights, sockets);
  • A Fire extinguisher;
  • An automobile first-aid kit;
  • a refrigerated cabinet,
  • a showcase refgrigerator set,
  • a composting toilet (isolated accommodation);
  • a petrol or diesel generator;
  • alimentary products stands,
  • There is a socket for the connecting of a mobile shop trailer to diverse power supply sources: an external generator or a diesel generator, there is also a 220V wiring inside the trailer.
  • The interior lighting is implemented either in fluorescent or LED lights.

The work of the brake system is provided by floating shoes and drum brake gears.

You are most welcome to buy our PU-foam trailers and vans of various applications. Automechanical Plant LLC offers high quality products at reasonable prices.

Our products are environment friendly.

All trailers are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.

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