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Once again Automechanical Plant LLC received an order of the supply of a series of horse trailers.

This time that is a lot of 9 horse trailers for the transportation of 12 horses.

The van itself is made of 3-layer sandwich panels that guarantees a desired permanent temperature inside and is also provided with a system of air conditioning. The floor is covered with antiskid rubber crumb that ensures a safety transportation of horses. Each stall is equipped with horse fasteners and a drinking bowl. The partitions needed for compartment separation are made of plywood upholstered with soft material.

There are sliding ventilator windows on the left side of the van: 4 with racks and 2 without for horse escort personnel.

On the right side there are 4 gangways with cable mechanism of lowering for loading and unloading of horses. For each pair of gangways there is a predisposed electric winch. The inner cover of the gangways is made of a specialty livestock rubber.

We are always most glad to receive new challenging orders.

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Our products are environment friendly.

All vans are delivered with a full package of documents for registration with the authorities.