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Automechanical Plant LLC has gained a wealth of experience in manufacturing custom-made motor vans. That is why we can proudly say that we are ready to take on any design project and we guarantee a great result!

Here are some of the designs already implemented:

    • motor van for motocrossers additionally equipped with secure fastening elements, which allow to transport expensive motorcycles without having to worry in vain, with exits in the front part for a more convenient use of the van.

    • crew bus for the transportation of crews to their work place under the conditions of extremely low temperatures, capable of preserving the heat inside even when the outside temperature is forty degrees below zero. One more feature of the van is its frame-free structure, which ensures better heat insulation, and the heat insulator with the thickness of 90 millimeters ensures strength of the van structure. The interior is furnished with easy-chairs with high backs, which ensure convenience on the road

What do these designs have in common?

High quality level and usage of  sandwich panels for the construction of vans. All the rest – the wheel base, chassis,

, package, performance – is absolutely individual, catering for the customer’s needs.

We use sandwich panels to construct vans, because this material is notable for high quality and absolutely environmentally friendly. The main task of our design bureau is to work out a solution most appropriate for the customer in order to have a light and solid modern van at a reasonable price as a result. As for the wheel base, it can be a chassis of any size in any motor car: Ural, GAZelle, Mercedes, Land Cruiser, Kamaz etc.

If you are interested in our products, contact us by toll free multichannel number

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